Sunday, October 26, 2008

4 hours 36 minutes

Hi everyone.
Jeff, Lizzie and I completed the marathon today in Dino's honor. It was a good day, a sad day, a happy day. I had my cry before I picked Jeff up this morning. I was driving at about 5:15am and, like usual, a song came on that reminded me of Dino and the waterworks started.

The race started at 7. Jeff and I lost Lizzie at the half way mark because her husband and children were there so she stopped to say hi. Jeff and I felt strong most of the race. At mile 20 I put in my music to push through. I had a little talk with Dino too - "just push us more hour...I know you think we're stupid for doing this, just push us!" Jeff and I ran a pretty strong pace the last 6 miles for us. I turned my music off at mile 25 and tuned back into Jeff. We finished together, holding hands, pointing to our TEAM DINO visors. I also sported a beautiful patch that Monica Martin made for me with wonderful pictures of Dino and the words VIVA LA VIDA on it. I didn't pin the bottom of the patch to my shirt because I wanted to flip it up and look at it when I needed to. I really helped and I'll treasure it always- Thank you Monica! XOXOXO

When I started this training, I would finish my runs visualizing Dino at the finish line, healing, strong, on the road to recovery. After he passed away, visualizing the finish line was difficult for me. Today just as we got our medals and made our way through the food line, I looked up to see Mary and Nick Scoppettone and Nick's fiance Amber. I just hugged Mary and bawled. I was SO happy she was there. I just can't explain how good it felt. In that moment, I think Dino was somewhere watching this, happy.

I don't know what to do with this blog now that I'm done with this marathon (and ALL future marathons). It was suggested that TEAM DINO should get together every year for some event (a normal sized event, 10K, hike, sprint triathlon). I would love that. Please write me with any suggestions on how to keep TEAM DINO alive. We could come up with an event next year and use that as a way to fund raise for Dino's memorial fund. What do you think? If you feel weird about posting, please email me

Thanks for your support everyone. Please keep Dino's family in your prayers and keep in touch with them. I think this network that has been created has a purpose.
God bless you all!
Do it for Dino!


Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Four Days

Hi everyone-

In 4 days I will run for my friend. I am so thankful to have a healthy body that has allowed me to train, heal, eat (which I've done well over the last few months), and hopefully complete this race in 1 piece. I get through my long runs thinking that Dino didn't get to rest, he didn't get to take a water break. He fought hard everyday. I miss him terribly and I cry a few tears daily, but I am also able to smile more when I think of him. I know he'll be with us on Sunday and he will push us through the finish line.

Thank you to everyone for your support. We've raised $1700 as of today. Not bad! I'll keep you updated - that number may go up this week. Just so you know, I'm going to give a check to Mary for the full amount. She can use what she needs for left over bills, and deposit the rest into Dino's fund.

Send us your good vibes on Sunday. Maybe I'll even see you there.
We're Doin it for Dino!

Sunday, October 12, 2008


Hello all. I hope this post finds everyone healthy and happy. Transition into fall is always a weird time. I'm always more tired for a month. It's dark when I get up and it's dark when I get home from work. It's beautiful around here though-the colors are changing and it's been clear and crisp all week.

Today was our last long training run- 21.5 miles. We ran through Seattle's arboretum and along Lake Washington, and back again. The lake was calm, the trees are all different colors, and along the route we saw glimpses of both the Olympics and the Cascades...amazing. I was nervous going in because I had a really tough finish for our 19 miler, but today felt good. There are always aches and pains, but my energy was up and I knew I'd finish strong. Maybe it had something to do with *knowing* this was the last long one until the race. That being said, we were 1/10th of a mile from the car when I got the most brutal charlie horse in my calf. It seriously dropped me to the ground. Jeff was just laughing - why would we run 21.4 and THEN I get a cramp?!?!?! So actually, we didn't run 21.5, we ran 21.4 and limped, laughing and almost crying for another 1/10th of a mile.

So we start our taper. A few shorter runs this week, maybe an 8-10 miler next weekend and really short runs the week after that. I can't believe it's in a couple of weeks. I'm scared and excited. It will be nice to have my weekends back - I'm sure my husband thinks the same. He's been awesome for watching 2 crazy kids while I go run for hours at a time then usually letting me get a nap in afterward. So - YEAH FOR TUCKER!

Training for this race has been a blessing for me. Like I've said before, this has been the most difficult time in my life. I miss Dino everyday and while I'm handling things better these days - I think of him hourly and I still shed a lot of tears. God, I miss him. This race has been something positive to focus on.

Dino's bank account has $1550 in it. Isn't that exciting? Thank you all so much for your support. Dino really touched all kinds of people far and wide. The account may still grow in the next couple of weeks so I'll keep you posted.

Hopefully I'll see some of you at the race. Three of us will be sporting blue *Team Dino* visors. The race starts at 7:00 and Jeff and I are hoping to finish in about 4 hours 45 minutes - give or take...who knows? We wont cross the starting line right at 7:00 so take into consideration that the start may tack on a good 10-15 minutes if we're towards the back of the herd.

Smile when you think of him. Look for him in the changing colors - he's with all of us.

Do it for Dino!

Wednesday, October 1, 2008

19+ miles to burgers and beer

Hi all.
Sunday was a beautiful day. Jeff and I started our run at Gasworks park and headed out toward woodenville - a mere 19-ish miles away. Sunday's run was a little different in that we weren't running a loop or a there and back, we were running to the original Redhook Brewery. Talk about motivation. We had several friends meeting us out there, including my husband Tucker, my 2 year old Ben, and my mother-in-law.

Like I said, it was a beautiful, sunny, fall day. We took off down the Burke Gilman Trail at about 9:00. From there we ran through the UW, along lake Washington, and out to Woodenville. For those of you who don't know the area, it's the location of many local wineries. Anyway, I had my mind SET on a certain time. First off, I thought we were running EXACTLY 19 - so there was my first mistake. The run is actually closer to 20 (according to some websites...and the only thing I'll accept at this point). Second, I had us at EXACTLY 10 minute miles. That being said, I expected us to land at a burger and a pitcher at EXACTLY 12:10 give or take a few minutes for water and bathroom breaks. So when 12:20, 12:25 and almost 12:30 approached, I was H U R T I N G! I know it's only a few minutes, but DAMN, I was ready to stop. We were running directly into the sun at that point, and the trail is such that every corner you turn, you are hoping to see the brewery but instead you see 100 yards of nothing until there is another turn in the path. It was brutal, but we got there alive.

We sat out on the patio with friends, ordered a few pitchers of beer, ate burgers, and enjoyed the sunshine. There is one huge downer though... Once I got there, I realized I lost my wedding ring on the trail. I am almost certain I know what happened, and I'll spare you the details. It was a STUPID error on my part and I'm sick about it. That night I had high hopes that someone found it and would post it on Craigslist, but it's Wednesday and we've had no such luck. Keep your fingers crossed for me that someone decent found it and is looking for me. Today Tucker and I went up and down the path with a metal detector and again, no luck. Isn't that messed up? If there is anything I've learned in the last few months though - it's that there are definitely more important things in life. While I'm bummed, it's not the end of the world.

So there's my story. We are going to back off this weekend, and do another LONG (like 21-22 miles) run in a couple of weeks. The race itself is the 26th. I'm happy I'm doing it, and I'll be happy when it's over. Anyway, I hope everyone is well. One day at a time. I still have a lot of sad days. I'm trying to stop questioning why some days are harder than others - they just are. They just are and that's ok. One of Dino's great friends said that we're miserable because we loved him so much and to have had that in your life is a gift. It's true and I just thought that was a beautiful way of looking at things.

I've heard that some people are having a hard time making a deposit at Wells Fargo - I'm so sorry. I will talk to the guy who set up the account for me. He PROMISED me that you would not need an account number - which is why I went with Wells in the first place. You can always send me a check made out to Dino Scoppettone to 2807 NW 61st St, Seattle WA 98107.

Thanks for reading!


POST ADDENDUM: Someone just returned my ring!!!!! It's Thursday and it's been missing since SUNDAY! Miracle? Dino? What do you think?

Friday, September 26, 2008

Special little moments

The last couple of days have been difficult for me. I think it's due to working on, and finally sending out my fundraising letter. Since I've sent it, I've gotten several responses which have brought up a ton of memories. I have just had Dino on the mind and have felt really sad the last couple of days.

So today I went for a run. It was a short run from my house up to this look out about 25 blocks away. As I approached, the Bruce Hornsby song, Rainbows Cadillac, came on my iPod. It's a very Dino-esque song with a lot of piano riffs. It's a really upbeat, fun song. If you don't know it - pull it up online and it will immediately make you think of Dino. Anyway, here I was, looking at the sun glistening off of Puget Sound, clear view of the craggy peaks of the Olympic Mt rage with cotton-like clouds hovering over them, sail boats drifting by and Bruce on my iPod. Dino was there for me after this hard week. He was there and I smiled the the whole way home.
This time Dino *Did it for me*

Monday, September 22, 2008

Smiles, tears, and more miles...

I hope this post finds everyone feeling a little more, how should I say...normal? I was feeling like I was travelling outside my body and that any day, I would be back in my body and all of this will have been a bad dream. Unfortunately, I'm back in my body, but it's all real. My last post sounded brutal , and I know its not easy to just "move on". I did that on purpose. Dino really was kind of brutal that way. I always went to him when I needed a kick in the ass. For the most part, he did not dwell on things, and he didn't allow his friends to dwell either.

Today is a little easier. Day by day, I find myself accepting this a little more. I have to. I have 2 babies and it's not fair for me to walk around, not allowing myself to enjoy the day to day gifts. It's been hard and I still think about Dino daily, hourly in fact. I have really tried to use the long runs to connect with him. In all honesty, I wish it was like a movie where a beautiful eagle will fly beside me and I'll just *know* it's my friend. Well, that hasn't happened. More so, I try to see him in a beautiful day, in quiet moments when I'm in the park alone, when I'm looking out over Puget Sound at the Olympics. I know it sounds woo woo, but I guess I'm just trying to listen to the universe to see if I can feel him, hear him, see him. Sometimes I really do. Don't get me wrong, it's not all harp music and sunsets - I could literally feel his disgust during last weeks Seahawks game. I just kept saying, "ooohhh somewhere Dino is piiiissssed!"

As for the race - there is good and not so good. Last week Jeff and I did about 17 miles and felt great. Both of us agreed, we could have run a little further. Yesterday we backed down to about 12 and I felt like shit. Go figure - I guess they all wont feel good. Next week we do 19-20, back down again, then back up to about 22 - rest - then race. The fundraising is on it's way. So far we've raised about $1500. I'm sure we can do more. Dick is going to post my fundraising letter (when I complete it) to Dino's blog. He's already seeking out organizations that will help to operate Dino's fund. We're not exactly sure what the money will be used for, but it will be something in Dino's name and it will be something that was important to him: music, writing, restoring Hetch Hetchy, cancer research. It's really up to the family to decide. Once it's all said and done, all of my fundraising money will go to his parents, and they will decide how to spend it. SO, we are all going to be part of something really exciting. I feel that this keeps Dino's spirit alive and strong. Thank you for those of you who have donated and thanks for reading.

Look back on my last few posts to find out how to donate. Also, feel free to contact me!

Do it for Dino!


Monday, September 8, 2008


Hi all. I hope everyone is healing and taking care of one another. This is tough isn't it? We are all settling in to the long-term phase of accepting that he isn't here and wondering how to move on. How do we go longer than 10-15 minutes without thinking of him and feeling so sad all the time?

I knew Dino for a long long time. He saw me through a lot of ups and downs. Here's what I know - Dino wasn't the friend you called when you wanted to be coddled. He was the one you called when you needed a kick in the butt. I'm sure his closest friends will attest to this. He definitely gave me the "these were the cards you were dealt - now move on" speech many many times in my life. He was not one who would allow his friends to linger in anger or sadness. He *wants* us to be well. I know it. He would be pissed if he knew how sad we were all still feeling. So, as hard as it is, with Dino in mind I tell you all - it's time to accept (not forget) and find a way to stop feeling so sad. He would say the same if he could, I know he would. Now if I could just follow my own advice.

As for the fundraising....Some money is starting to come in. I spoke with his parents over the weekend about what expenses are left. To be honest, they aren't really sure. What it sounds like is we're talking thousands, as opposed to tens of thousands. That being said, there are attorney fees, and general expenses that accrued during 3 months of staying in Oakland with Dino. The thought at this point is to take some of the money and apply it to something special in Dino's name. The details of this are still being worked out. I hope this motivates all of you. Wouldn't it be great to start something in his name: a scholarship, a camp for kids with cancer....Any ideas? I would love to hear them.

As for my training - I ran 15.7 miles today with Jeff Ramos. It was tough. I've been battling aches and pains, but that is to be expected when doing something as unnatural as running 15 miles. Tonight I feel pretty good with the help of wine, ice, and ibuprofen. This weekend I have a 17-18 miler, then we back down to 14ish, then we do 20. Yikes. I'll keep you all posted.

Remember - to donate you can go into any wells fargo branch and make a deposit in the memorial fund called "the Dino Scoppettone donation fund". If you want to transfer online call me or email me for the account number.
206-706-3217 or
OR you can send me a check in Dino's name. 2807 NW 61st Seattle WA 98107

I miss him like crazy. Life wont be the same without him, but he's with us all - I know it. Our memories are happy memories and I think that's how he would want us to feel when we think of him. Can you do that? Do it for Dino.